Phi Phi island tours by speedboat

Posted On Jun 6 2019

Phi Phi island is a magical looking tropical gropu of islands. The Phi Phi Islands are an island group in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand. Superb coral beds at Hin Pae off Had Yao, provide some of the best snorkelling in Thailand, and a great chance to see black tip sharks feeding early in the morning. The 2004 tsunami hit Phi Phi Don hard and much of the central area to the west and north of the pier was devastated and still remains so. We do not recommend you stay in the centre of Phi Phi as some parts of the area are under reconstruction and noisy from the rebuilding work. We recommend you stay outside the centre of Tonsai Village on the eastern and southern side of the island, where the beaches remain clean and uncrowded and most resorts, restaurants and bars are now open and thriving again.

There are 2 very hot periods of weather on Phi Phi Island, the first between April and May when the average temperatures range from 30 to 36ºC and only the occasional tropical thunderstorm brings relief from the heat. It is also very hot between September and October but the frequent rainfall has a wonderful cooling effect. Tourist High Season is from November to April. However, it’s best to avoid December and January if possible, as this is Peak Season, when accommodation can be hard to find and is expensive, particularly around Christmas and New Year, and Phi Phi’s dive sites are very crowded. Whether you are coming to Thailand for diving or not, we recommend you try to come from February to April. There are less tourists here, accommodation is much better value-for-money, the weather is at its best, and the seas their calmest. The dive sites around Koh Phi Phi, Hin Daeng and Koh Ha are less crowded, and it’s your optimum time to see something special, as it’s whale shark and manta ray season.

The limestone cliffs of Koh-Phi Phi are stunning, and are definitely a secret worth exploring on the island. Providing panoramic views of the area, the rock climbs available here are advanced but worth the effort. Many reputable companies offer affordable climbs and use top-quality, trusted equipment. It’s recommended to try a climb in the later afternoon as the temperatures are much cooler. And if you’re not interested in taking your feet off the ground, why not hire a boat and view the cliffs from the water’s edge; they really are a magnificent spectacle worth seeing. Extra info on Phi Phi island tours.

Long Beach does not only offer amazing views and a spectacular beachfront location- but also has multiple resorts and restaurants nearby, making it an amazing spot for spending the day, or enjoying even late night swims. The beach itself is, as the name suggests, long stretching and has great views of Phi Phi Le. Not only this, but Long Beach’s water, along with the larger majority of Koh Phi Phi’s beaches is clean, safe and opens up a plethora of activities to spend aside from beach crawling and swimming. Roaming from resort to the beach, and finishing the day on Thailands best seafood wraps Long Beach up into what would be the perfect day. For the most part, the beach is calm all but for some exceptions throughout the year. Snorkeling is also a viable option as Long Beach is also home to nearby coral reefs, stocked full with the islands naturally large marine life.

As you are in a large island, naturally, underwater activities are a must! Snorkeling is loads of fun in Koh Phi Phi as there are lots of playful fish that go right up to you! From most of the beaches, swim out a couple of meters and you’ll get decent snorkeling. One of our favorite spots, Ao Toh Ko is even rumored to be a popular place to spot pods of dolphins while you’re in the water. Ummm..yes, please! If you’re looking for something a little bit more out of the ordinary, there are a few tour operators which offer night snorkeling so you can swim with the bioluminescent planktons or snorkeling tours with reef sharks.

Most resorts and hotels offer plenty of packages with snorkeling activities included (we went snorkeling through Zeavola Resort where we were staying), but you can also book a tour in advance to explore the underwater wonders of Phi Phi. For a special experience, check out the Reef Shark Snorkeling Eco Tour where if you are lucky you’ll be able to spot Blacktip Reef Sharks. It’s totally safe! If you’re planning to do a lot of snorkeling while in Thailand (why wouldn’t you?), consider getting your own basic snorkeling kit before your departure. It’s more hygienic and basic sets are affordable.

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