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Posted On Feb 11 2018

The most important thing to find out about any sport or game is the rules. The main rules of airsoft skirmishes come from being honest and enjoying the experience.

Skirmish games will be split into two or more teams and there will be a set of objectives for each game, that will be discussed later. The ultimate objective is to shoot enemies which will make them dead or injured and unable to play the game. In different game modes, the respawn rate will be longer, or medics may not be used, or you may be out for the rest of the game, it is definitely something worth enquiring about with your local airsoft site.

If you are hit you must raise your hand and shout HIT this will indicate to everyone around you, including marshals, that you are out of the game, and people should stop firing at you. The hit must be a direct shot to any part of your body. A hit to the gun or one that ricochets off nearby objects does not count. Grenades may be used in some games, and these will explode with a loud blank. Each game will designate a kill radius, this is typically around 3 metres. If a grenade goes off in an enclosed space, like a small shelter or room of a building, it is often accepted that everyone in the room would be hit and out of the game. These rules will be stated at the start of the game day so pay attention to the marshals!

A problem that most people dont talk about is what players wear to games. Items such as tactical chest rig and belt can make someone immune to pain. Thats why cheaters are extremely common in milsim fields. They dont feel the hit at all.

Another problem is players changing their ROF and FPS during games. These kinds of cheaters tend to use an HPA system, and it can even be done with AEG. Now, we don’t support banning certain guns and load outs if we can avoid it. However, the solution must give players no opportunity to tweak their gun ROF and FPS mid-game. If such a solution doesn’t exist, banning HPA and DSG AEG is the only choice

Our suggestion for competitive games is to limit players to wearing full body spandex and thin knee pads for apparel. A good bonus positive to this is it is so much easier for players to wash them. As for tactical gears, players can only carry tactical belt to hold their magazines and grenades. This is because over 90% of players don’t aim at someone’s hip as the target.

Routine Maintenance

Common problems you will face with a poor airsoft gun is dry firing, bad grouping, and shots inconsistencies. Your usual suspect for these problems is a dirty barrel, a bad hop-up unit, a poor gearbox, and a deficient magazine

Generally speaking, you can prevent or solve these problems by routinely perform active maintenance on your airsoft gun and magazine. We recommend that you do this after every airsoft game. If you need to, take a look at our noob guide to basic airsoft maintenance

Routine maintenance is your first go-to solution, but they will not solve your problems all the time. Similar to your car, you may have to invest in better parts. More at

Wear Full Body Protection

Unless you are perfectly capable of handling flesh wounds that could take weeks to heal, you should wear cloth protection from head to toes

Cover your ears and head with a beanie, a long sleeve shirt for your arms, gloves for your hands, jean for your legs, a lower face mask for your mouth and nose, and a scarf for your neck. Leave no skin exposed to the BBs

Also, you might want to wear boots when you’re playing outdoors for those up-hills climbs you might have to do. It’s like doing mini-hiking in airsoft.

Other Laws

Metal Airsoft Guns in Government Offices and Public Transport

Carrying an airsoft gun with metal BBs in transit and transport facilities can get you in serious trouble. This applies even to government offices

Do Not Remove Colored Tip

Eliminating bright colored to copy the looks of an actual firearm is restricted. This is because individuals with criminal intent might use these airsoft guns to commit crimes

The Phone Guy

When the game gets intense, some people somehow find the motivation to pull out their phone and text their friends/family?

What’s on their mind? It’s not like they’re going to die and need to leave a final dying message.

Another case is when you and your team is about to breach a room, and one of your guy stop just to take a selfie?

Jokes aside, using your phone during an airsoft game is just not productive and helpful to the team. Put it away and focus on the match. Extra details on T.A.S.

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