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Posted On Nov 16 2019

The smell of hot tea on a cold day, is there something even remotely better ? There are many of coffee types, some are bad, some are good but some manually selected tea leaves and coffee beans are just incredible. Ethics and transparency in the coffee supply chain has received huge attention over the past decade, and with good reason! Traditionally, Arabica coffee is traded on the stock market based in New York which dictates the global price for coffee based on supply and demand. In the late 90s, Vietnam’s coffee production boomed and the market was unexpectedly flooded with an excess supply of coffee. This triggered an 8 year crash with the market operating at levels never seen before.

Our coffee pick today: Brazil – Arabica: As you know, Brazil is one of the top coffee producing countries. In Brazil, 2,594,100 tons of coffee was produced in 2016. Among the reasons for the coffee grown in Brazil being so tasty are the wide production areas and the premium quality of the product. The coffee produced in Brazil is often preferred because it has low acidity. See extra info at Craft premium coffee blends UK.

Eco friendly coffee advice of the day : Use Your Own Mug: Another super simple way to reduce paper waste is to use your own mug. This method doesn’t contribute to landfill crowding with paper cups, and makes you feel right at home. For many years, Starbucks promised to make a recyclable cup, but has failed to do so. It takes about 20 years for the standard Starbucks cup to decompose. That may not sound like such a long time, but when you consider that the USA goes through 60 billion of those cups per year, the problem becomes a lot bigger. Do the world a favor and start taking your own mugs and tumblers to coffee shops. The baristas will be glad to play a small part in reducing paper waste and you’ll feel proud of your eco-friendly coffee habit.

We carefully vet and select our coffee and tea based on quality, taste, aroma and whether or not it was ethically sourced. We always use ethically sourced products which help farmers around the world. All our products are tested, blended and packaged personally in our home kitchen. But that’s enough about us, we look forwards to doing business with you, we hope you will begin to look to us for all your tea and coffee needs. Source:

We are passionate about tea and coffee, but also about our chosen non-profit organisation, Lemur Love. This organisation focuses on lemur conservation and can be found at Currently Lynch’s Brew donates 5% of all it’s sales to this organisation. After we reach our first 5000 sales it is our pledge to raise this to 6%, 7% once we reach 10000 sales and 10% once we reach 100000 sales.

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