B2b lead generation with virtual assistant

Posted On Nov 24 2019

Hire a virtual assistant helping with web scraping python or how to get the work done with minimal workforce costs. Work force hours costs cutting your profits, to the point when you are almost out of business? Time to explore the world of virtual assistance. You will be surprised with the reduced costs and the high quality of the work.

The main benefit of a virtual assistant is the ability to delegate the repetitive work to them. I currently use 4 different VA-s from Upwork that cost me between 3-5 $ per hour and that is the full cost with all the taxes. My local employees make between 20-30$ an hour and for repetitive work, the Filipinos do just as good of a job as Americanos. So all in all, you can hire great people at 5-10x cheaper cost than in the US. This will provide a tremendous competitive advantage if you know how to utilise it.

Peace of Mind. One word: PRICELESS. Having someone to whom you can faithfully delegate tasks is, ultimately, the cost of your sanity and peace of mind. Isn’t that worth it? As we’ve mentioned before, multitasking is often far less effective and efficient than monotasking, and a Virtual Assistant can help you focus on the important things. Find more details on Virtual Assistants.

Small business owners are (understandably) used to doing everything themselves, though this strategy wears thin when you’re putting in 100-hour work weeks. Working with a VA lets you exercise your delegating muscles, a talent that will serve you well as your business grows. Start by developing a thorough job description. The clearer you can state your needs, the more successful the experience will be for both of you. Like anything else, you get out what you put in, so it will require an initial investment of time, thought and training to hand work over. However, this up-front investment will provide more freedom to do the things that only you can do.

Meet our team members: We are committed to serve our clients with incomparable- quality service, this contemplation of ours has been reinforced by our super- talented, toiling employees who are just a click away from reverting your requisition. We feel proud to share that we are entailing some of the experts in our team, from the diversified fields of – research & analytics, sales & marketing, graphics & design, web developing, etc. Send us your task details by sending us an email. Once the details are confirmed, we will handle it. Find more info at www.virtuallytics.com.

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