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Posted On Jun 1 2019

Playing games in your browser is the most convenient way to play games. Accessible from anywhere, from any device. What games can you play in browser, either using Java, Javascript, Flash or Html5 engines? Jim Crawford’s Frog Fractions starts out easy enough with a frog, some fruit, and a slew of pop-up fractions. The game’s initial goal is to protect the swarms of butterflies, mosquitos, and other insects from devouring the fruit with your elastic tongue, but it quickly becomes something more momentous. Players find themselves purchasing a bevy of notable upgrades within minutes, such as a static tongue and more resilient fruit. But it’s the more advanced upgrades like the cybernetic brain, lock-on targeting, and Chinese dragon that make it more than some browser-based spoof on educational titles like Math Blaster and Word Muncher. Eventually, you’ll be battling robotic squid in space, listening to a narrated history of boxing, running for president, and dabbling in bug pornography among other outlandish activities. Frog Fractions, though unlikely to boost your brain capacity and even less likely to last more than an hour, remains wildly unpredictable — even if you expect the unexpected.

Other browser games news : The first game I discovered was, a charming online, nearly top down shooter that sees players dropped into a maze of concrete corridors, set to gun down any enemies they run into along the way. With three game modes (free for all, lootcrates and hardpoint) and a selection of characters that would appear to have fallen straight out of Hollywood movie clich?s (a personal favourite being ‘Spray ‘n’ Pray “Hank”‘) the end experience is not unlike that of a fast paced and slightly silly game of ‘Call of Duty’. : We play as a cell and have to collect the resources that are DNA and coins. We have to eat small colourful specks to grow, and we can also eat the cells that are smaller than us. There are mystery potions as well, and their advantages depend on the game mode we are in. We have to brew these potions that provide us mass boost and coins. These potions also get you trophies. There are daily quests where when we complete the achievements we get DNA, coins and mass boost. After each week, the players with the most trophies get their respective positions on the leaderboard and are rewarded with coins and DNA.

You can also play adventure and arcade games in browser : Stranger Things: The Game re-imagines the Netflix TV show, set in 1984, as a 1980s videogame. How meta, you might think… but it works. You take on the role of gruff Officer Hopper, trying to uncover a mystery at the heart of Hawkins, Indiana. As you work your way deeper into the game, you gradually find new characters, each with individual powers that are vital for further progression. This pixelated adventure game looks the part (despite not being quite as retro as games of the period), and offers an entertaining mix of straightforward puzzling (find an object; put it somewhere specific), and gleefully punching local security forces when they get in your way. Well, it is set in the 1980s – you’re not supposed to solve mysteries with brainpower alone. Play free online card games on!

A glowing, nostalgia-fuelled NES tribute, Abobo’s Big Adventure stars a forgotten face of the 8-bit era: the eponymous Abobo. This muscle-bound hulk from Double Dragon sets out to rescue his son, mostly by punching people in the face. The visuals are suitably old-school and there are loads of cameos from classic titles. It plays well, too, hurling you back to a halcyon era of beat ’em ups with a smattering of platform action, and a splattering of pixelated gore.

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